Gordie “Grady” Johnson


Garnet Herzog preamp 70’s Model (x 3)
Ampeg 70’s SVT 300 Watt all tube Amplifier (x 2)
Traynor YCS412VA Custom Special 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinets

Guitars by Gibson SGJ Custom made Gordie Johnson Model Black Prototype
Appears on Black or White, Black Ass Woman

SGJ Custom made Gordie Johnson Model Black Prototype

SGJ Custom made Gordie Johnson Model Red
Appears on I Know I Can Make It

SG “The Brown” Guitar 1979
Appears on Chili Cold Blood

Les Paul Warren Haynes Signature Model Serial #3
Appears on I’m A Sinner Too

Explorer 2001 Custom Shop Sparkle Finish

Explorer Custom Shop Tan Sunburst

Flying V 1975 Natural
Appears on When The Boots Come Off

Brown Doubleneck 1275 SG 1979
Appears on If I Was King

Black Doubleneck 1275 SG Signature Model
Appears on Hammer In My Hand

White Doubleneck 1275 SG 1977
Appears on All Hell For A Basement (Big Sugar)

Red Doubleneck 1275 SG 1990

RD Standard Walnut Brown 1977
Appears on Rolling Thunder, Cup Of Cold Poison and Good As Dead

SG Standard Red 1974
Appears on Nicotina (Big Sugar)

L6S 1975 Cherry Red

Big Ben

Traynor Dyna Bass 800H Amplifier
Traynor Mono Block B 1978
Traynor TC808 8 x 8 Speaker Cabinets

Gibson Thunderbird Black
Appears on all of Y U So Shady and parts of Cup Of Cold Poison

Gibson Thunderbird Black

Gibson Grabber 3 Black

Gibson Ripper Black
Appears on Cup Of Cold Poison and Good As Dead

Epiphone Jack Casady Gold
Appears on Good As Dead

Epiphone Les Paul Black

Fender PJ Precision Blue

Nina Singh

8 Channel Beringer Mixer
DBX 31 Band Equalizer
Yorkville EF 500 Self powered 500 Watt stage monitor

Ludwig 1970’s Blue Vista Lite Kit include
2 X 24 Inch Kick Drums
1 x Ludwig Superphonic Snare drum
1 x 13 inch Rack Tom
1 x 14 Inch Floor Tom
1 x 16 Inch Floor Tom
Assorted Paiste Cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
One set of Bullhorns

Microphones All by Sennheiser

Vocals: 935
Guitars: 421
Bass: 421
Kick Drums: 902
Snare 906
Toms 904
Overheads 914