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Grady – Calling All My Demons – Review in the Austin Chronicle

Audio and visual experiences being opposite inputs, this CD/DVD combo looks like Texas – the longhorn skull riding between Nina Singh’s bass drums – but in bullying Winnipeg instead, it sounds like Hell. As in black-hatted Canadian transplant Grady Johnson unleashing his slide guitar as if he were the Hell’s Angels. Texiconic out front of big red Tex-Mex skull tapestry, the local trio burns rubber through an oil slick of nasty postapocalyptic blues, and whether bassist Big Ben Richardson lays in underground cables of low-tone connectivity on the DVD or Johnson’s 100 miles of unpaved vox scuff the CD (“Good as Dead”), Calling All My Demons summons diesel-burning carnality whatever the format. “Blackass Woman” leaves little to the imagination on CD, but Singh singing a “A Cup of Cold Poison” demands eyeballs. Johnson’s two-headed guitar hints of Jimmy Page and his “Tom Sawyer” breakdown in “One Night of Sin” call for both discs. Grady’s gift: a black eye and cauliflower ear.

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